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Online Sales Training Built to Meet Your Training Needs

The Asher Virtual Academy is an online sales training platform, including videos of Asher Sales Trainers, detailed presentations of each skill and quizzes, built to teach and reinforce the concepts covered in Close Deals Faster Sales Workshop. This platform is designed to give you 24/7 access for individual on-demand training, and skill reviews to share with your team. Asher Virtual Academy allows you to explore and master the featured Top Ten Selling Skills in a different setting. We encourage you to use this platform, so you can execute like the ELITE Salespeople who are selling the top 20% of the goods and services in the country!

2 Live Webinars & 11 Interactive Modules

We listened to our training clients who asked us for training modules they can use on their own and when traveling. Now, through the Asher Virtual Academy, salespeople have the best practice Asher selling skills in the palm of their hand. This added flexibility allows salespeople a much higher chance of being able to execute the skills in front of a customer, when it counts the most!

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How does it Work?

Each user will have complete access for 2-weeks to all 10 Selling Skills Modules. An Asher Sales Trainer will be your Virtual Coach.

Step One: LIVE Opening Webinar with Asher Trainer

  • Sales Techniques During Economic Recovery
  • Neuroscience Behind Sales Effectiveness
  • Personalized Emotional Intelligence Training

Step Two: Asher Virtual Academy Training Modules

  • Top Ten Selling Skills
  • Self-Paced Learning Over Two Weeks
  • Salespeople Gain a Competitive Advantage

Step Three: LIVE Closing Webinar and Q&A with Asher Trainer

  • Review Key Takeaways From Each Selling Skill
  • Virtual Selling Process
  • Personal Action Plan to Develop New Habits

Please contact an Asher team member for pricing and special group rates.

What our customers are saying

"Just to let you know. While I was going through the closing skill on the AVA, I realized one of my clients had shown the signs of buyer shift. I paused the tutorial and emailed him using the “I recommend” close. He emailed me right back and set a time to get together and sign a contract. I’m already benefiting from your course. Thank you so much!"

- Mike Fish, V.P. of Sales at Overly Custom Pools LLC

Online Sales Training FAQs

What are the main benefits of the on-line training to the company?

There are several benefits for the company.

  • There are no travel and per diem costs
  • The retention of the skills and adoption are equivalent to in-person training
  • The retention of the skills and adoption are equivalent to in-person training
  • Remote learning allows teams to remain engaged while sharpening Sales Skills
  • Asher’s Sales Training applies to all industries and all customer-facing team members
  • Applies to B2B, B2G, and B2C Sales teams

What is the ROI of the Sales Training?

Averaged over 23 years of training 83,000 salespeople the following ROI have been seen:

  • Increased of New Sales 18%
  • Decrease of 42% in Sales Cycle Times
  • Increase of with Current Clients by 22%

What are the benefits of the on-line training for individuals?

There are several benefits for the individual participants:

  • The content is presented one skill at a time, allowing each person to work at their own pace
  • They learn the skill and can apply it right away
  • Periodic reminders are sent to help people stay on track
  • Access to Asher trainer during Q & A session
  • All students will receive a copy of John Asher’s book "Close Deals Faster"

Is on-line training as effective as in-person training?

The average training evaluation scores given by students to in-person and on-line training are very close. In person training scores a bit higher 9.4 to 9.1

  • If the material is fresh and up to date, all salespeople benefit equally. The Asher Sales training modules are based on the latest neuroscience studies
  • All Asher trainers are experienced former executives, sales managers and salespeople with over 20 years of sales training experience
  • Each Module ends with a quiz to confirm skill comprehension

Will participants take the sales aptitude assessment as a part of the on-line training?


  • It is included in the training investment. When purchased separately, the cost is $150.00 each
  • The APQ assessment must be completed prior to the first webinar

Do the on-line modules work on all standard mobile devices (laptops, iPads and mobile phones)?


May I schedule a demo to review how the online platform will work?


Simply contact us and we will coordinate a demo of the platform.

Once students have completed the on-line training, can they attend the in-person training at a later date?

Yes, Asher Graduates may attend a future training for 50% off session fee.

Which type of training do most students prefer?

The preference is about 50/50. Some students prefer the social interaction of the in-person training. Others like to set their own pace and accomplish the on-line modules at their time of choosing.

How will managers know if students actually completed the modules?

A certificate of completion will be emailed to participants and managers.

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Companies who have had their salespeople trained by Asher have experienced an average of:


Increase in sales from acquisition
of new customers


Reduction in sales cycle time from
initial contact to close


Increase in sales of high margin, add-on
business to current customers

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Thanks for your help! The "Everybody's in Sales" training in combination with your aptitude testing and analysis has really made a difference in our team. We now have the right people doing the right things and it’s working great. It was well worth the investment and continues to pay off as our sales growth has heated up to +30% in a market that grew only 5-6%!

Chris, CEO, OshKosh Door

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