The APQ Sales Assessment

What it is, and how it delivers amazing scientific insight on your team & potential hires.

The Sales assessment is a series of 81 questions designed to pull a person's scores, on a scale of 1-100, for each one of the primary personality traits and secondary trait mapping. Those scores are then overlaid on a chart that highlights specific ranges within each trait where success was found most often for that specific position.

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How Our Sales Assessment Works

After completing the APQ, the participant will receive their Primary Trait Scores on a scale of 1-100. Each primary trait score is compared to the ideal (green) ranges for a specific role. Each role will have different ideal ranges for each trait. The participants Role Aptitude Score is determined by how often their primary trait scores are in the green ideal ranges.

There are over 20 roles included in the APQ ranging from sales, administrative and management positions. By taking the APQ one time, a participant will receive a Role Aptitude Score for every position, giving them insight into their natural talent for each role.

APQ Pricing

Single APQ

Ideal to see the questions, review the reports and how assessments can benefit your team.


per assessment
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10 APQs

Perfect for filling 1-2 [sales] positions in your organization. Instantly understand a candidates sales potential.


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25 APQs

Most Popular

Improve turnover, sales performance and build a better team. Excellent for assessing the current team, or to develop coaching plans.


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50 APQs

Ensure your mid-sized company is hiring the ideal candidates. Designed for sales, but matches over 20 other positions.


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100 APQs

Designed for enterprise level companies, or rapid expansion of larger teams. Get the top sales candidates on your team.


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Bulk Pricing Also Available Contact an APQ Specialist for larger discounts, coaching and extra service

Powerful, Detailed Sales Assessment Reports

Compatibility Chart

  • Shows the candidate compatibility score for the role
  • Gives a job description of the role selected
  • Shows the primary traits and their relation to the ideal/moderate/low ranges
  • Provides follow up interview questions for the "red zones"

Snapshot (Sales/Non Sales/Management options available)

  • Defines the nine primary traits and displays the candidates score low/mod/high
  • Defines ten secondary performance traits that are a combination of 3 or more primary traits. Used to help further understand how to manage the individual
  • Defines your personality type: Reflective "Thinker," Directive "Driver," Expressive "Communicator," or Supportive "Helper"

Coaching Report (available for sales and non-sales)

  • Includes descriptions of the nine primary and ten secondary traits
  • Provides in depth coaching recommendations for each of the primary traits, highlighting strengths, challenges and coaching recommendations

TeamBuilder Report

  • Similar to SalesBuilder but with an emphasis on communicating with colleagues instead of selling to buyers
  • Describes your four behavioral styles
  • Describes your natural response to stress
  • Tips for communicating with other personality types
  • Career recommendations

SalesBuilder Report

  • Identifies your selling style and learn to "match" or "stretch" to your buyer's style
  • Identifies your four behavioral styles based on specific combinations of eight of the primary traits (*note: Good Impression scale is used for identifying your probability of "gaming" the results as well as assessing your receptivity to coaching and is not included the behavioral styles)
    • Temperament - Intensity & Need to Analyze
    • Ego Style - Drive for Recognition & Need to Serve
    • Social Style - Assertiveness & Interpersonal Trust
    • Primary Need - Independence & Optimism
  • Describes your Primary Personality Selling Style in depth with improvement opportunities and your natural response to stress.
  • Selling Versatility - Describes your most challenging buyer to sell to. Provides suggestions to adapt your strengths to communicate more effectively with your customer and make more sales

Team Aptitude Overview Report

  • Allows your management team to monitor your sales teams' Natural Sales Aptitude on a one sheet overview. (for management team only)

Personality Trait Overview Report

  • Displays everyone's Personality Traits which encourages better team development and patience within the team thus producing higher productivity within the team. (to be shared with team)

CultureStyle Team Chart

  • Assesses a work unit's own unique group culture so that team members can see how each individual in that work unit will compare to the group's overall identity, thus increasing the work unit's effectiveness. (to be shared with team)

CraftMetrics Learning Aptitude Survey (CLAS)

Instantly get an understanding of a person's learning style and which of the four styles best suits them.

  • The Intuitive Learning Style: This style learns by seeing and doing.
  • The Deliberate Learning Style: This style learns by reflection and repetition.
  • The Analytical Learning Style: This style learns by studying and questioning.
  • The Impatient Learning Style: This style learns by exploring and doing.

NEW: Craft Learning Aptitude Survey - Measuring Intelligence to Hire Top Performers

The CraftMetrics Learning Aptitude Survey (CLAS) is 35-item, untimed learning aptitude test measuring general intelligence factors, and is the only instrument of its kind to measure both the speed and accuracy of an individual's learning aptitude or intelligence. This is ideal when using the APQ for Hiring and Selection.

"Intelligence is the major determinant of job performance, and therefore hiring people based on intelligence leads to marked improvements in job performance - improvements that have high economic value to the firm."

Why Does Intelligence Predict Job Performance?

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The detailed sales assessment delivers vital insight into candidates' (and existing employees) natural aptitude at sales, service, hunting, farming and other positions that drive growth.

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