Using the APQ Aptitude Assessment to Measure
Sales Emotional Intelligence

Sales Emotional Intelligence Development through connecting extreme personality traits to sales challenges

Sales Emotional Intelligence Training - We Go Deeper.

Asher Sales Training programs deliver Emotional Intelligence training and development at a granular level. Participants first take a personality assessment, the Advanced Personality Questionnaire (APQ). This assessment delivers a comprehensive view of students’ nine personality trait scores on a scale from 1%-100%. By reviewing personality at this granular level, participants learn not only what their personality style is, but the data behind WHY they have that style. What is Emotional Intelligence?

Step One: Understanding the 9 Personality Traits

The journey to increasing one’s emotional intelligence through Asher’s sales training programs begins with a thorough understanding of the 9 Primary Personality Traits. They include:


Measures “fire in the belly” and results-orientation


Measures team player vs. entrepreneurial spirit


Measures level of confidence to confront or control others

Recognition Drive

Measures social motivation and versatility

Need to Analyze

Measures intuition vs. “analysis paralysis” in decision making

Need to Serve

Measure on-task behavior vs. service orientation


Measures attitude (victor vs. victim)


Measures skepticism vs. belief in others


Measures ability to handle criticism or rejection

The APQ gives participants’ their scores for each trait between 1-100%. Any trait reflecting an extreme score (<20 or >80), is identified for laser-focused training. An extreme score (high or low) produces natural strengths and blind spots. This process of identifying extreme personality traits addresses Emotional Intelligence training at the foundational level of Self-Awareness and Self-Management.

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Step 2: Understanding Personality Styles

Asher’s Emotional Intelligence training continues with the understanding of how personality trait scores result into where someone falls on the four-quadrant grid of personality styles. Those include:

  1. Directive Driver
  2. Expressive Communicator
  3. Reflective Thinker
  4. Supportive Helper

Now participants explore their personality style and how it differs from the other three styles. Discussions of each style result in collaborative communication of tolerance and appreciation of differences, as each style embodies natural strengths the others don’t possess. This understanding of the four personality styles delivers opportunities to learn matching and mirroring techniques which increase rapport and effective communication. Through this process, participants reach higher levels of Emotional Intelligence involving awareness and connecting with others.

Step Three: Sales Emotional Intelligence

Asher continues Emotional Intelligence development by relating specific extreme personality traits to sales challenges.

For example, using assertiveness (just one of the nine traits), we can identify the below based on their scores to more effectively coach, manage and train.


Someone with Lower Scores:

Strength: Asks (rather than tells), which can help develop deeper relationships and buy-in while building trust and rapport.
Blindspot: Yields to a stronger personality, which can inhibit ideas, confidence and persaverance.

Someone with Higher Scores:

Strength: Assertive in all situations, which builds trust and confidence, and combined with product knowledge positions you as a subject-matter expert
Blindspot: May talk over others, and be perceived as not 'listening'

Coaching Tips:

Ask questions to build rapport, take notes to create natural pauses and practice.

Coaching Tips:

Learn how to use power phrases, and taking charge to lead the conversation throughout the sales process.

Through extensive research and experience, Asher sales trainers and coaches work with sales professionals to focus on the specific areas where their personality extremes could be holding them back from being Elite salespeople.

Get Started Improving Your Sales Emotional Intelligence

Assess your team with the APQ Sales Aptitude Assessment to gain instant insight into their strengths, weaknesses and understanding their personality as it relates to sales. Then take advantage of information and training that matches your orgnizations sales team culture.

Each Asher sales training class is led by a Certified APQ Specialist trained by Dr. Larry Craft, the publisher of the personality assessment. Dr. Craft and his team of psychometricians have studies and analyzed personality and performance for over 30 years. The Asher team has worked closely with this group of scientists for the last 15 years taking the research to the front lines of sales forces around the world.

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