Top Ten Sales Training Questions Asked By Prospects

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Why should we do sales training?

The turnover rate for the sales position in the US is 37% per year. The main reasons are lack of sales aptitude and lack of sales training.

Are there any steps we should take before training our salespeople?

Give them a sales aptitude assessment to see how much talent they have for sales. If they have very little talent for sales, it could be a waste of money to train them. Learn More About the APQ ››

What’s different about your sales training?

Our sales training implements the best ideas and techniques from the 15 US sales training institutes and over 100 books on sales. We bring the “best of the best” ideas.

What are the qualifications of your trainers?

All have over 20 years of experience and have been a CEO, a buyer and a salesperson.

How have you implemented the latest neuroscience studies into your sales training?

Our sales training includes the six main stimuli that will wake up the buyer’s decision making brain and over 50 cognitive biases that apply to sales

What is included in the training day?

All participants will have taken a sales aptitude assessment prior to the training. The results will be thoroughly covered. The training also includes how to use the sales aptitude assessment to develop higher levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). In addition, the Top Ten Selling Skills of the elite salespeople are covered with the 15 shortcuts to close deals faster.

How do you customize the training?

We interview executives to understand the objectives for the training. We interview a handful of sales managers and salespeople to understand their relevant challenges. We also use the results of the aptitude assessments of the participants to emphasize some parts of the training and lightly cover other parts.

Your skills seem like the same as many other sales training companies

We uniquely cover the skills from the buyer’s point of view. For example, for listening, we cover the three unique techniques to enable "perfect listening".

  1. Completely understand buyer’s needs prior to offering a solution
  2. Ask permission to take notes and take notes
  3. Summarize the buyer’s needs to obtain agreement

What is the typical benefit of the sales training to your customers?

Based on 21 years of training salespeople in 22 countries in all 33 industries, the average increase in sales is 18% starting the month after training completion.

How do you make sure the training sticks?

We design the training so that each concept is delivered six times in six different ways (repetition). Extensive use of role playing and interactive exercises are included. All participants take away multiple action items to work on to develop new habits. After the training is complete, we offer the use of free videos on our website and we offer webinars and sales coaching for reinforcement.

Companies who have had their salespeople trained by ASHER have experienced an average of:


Increase in sales from acquisition
of new customers


Reduction in sales cycle time from
initial contact to close


Increase in sales of high margin, add-on
business to current customers

Additional Customized On-Site Sales Training Seminars and Workshops

Selling Excellence Seminar

The two-day Selling Excellence sales and marketing training seminar concentrates on marketing functions (including how to pursue new targets) and selling functions (emphasizing skill practice as a training tool). This customized sales training seminar is based on extensive research of more than 150 sales and marketing references and the experience and skills of the ASHER facilitators that have excelled in business development.
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Sales Negotiations Workshop

This workshop presents the best of the best negotiation techniques in a concentrated one- day course. This seminar emphasizes a six-step process that empowers you with the tools and tactics to be successful in negotiations.
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Customized Sales Coaching

ASHER offers Customized Sales training for individuals seeking to gain a competitive edge. Customized Sales Coaching is recommended for individuals who have completed the ASHER’s Top Ten Selling Skills. During the five-session coaching program, individuals receive one-on-one reinforcement of the Top-Ten Skills of the Super Salespeople customized to fit their specific targets and sales goals. The result is a well-trained sales professional armed with every tool needed for sales success!
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John Asher Speaker Event

This interactive strategy session begins with an overview of the best practices for marketing and sales and will demonstrate how to quickly increase business with existing clients and acquire new customers.
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A terrific sales seminar. I have been in the field for over 30 years and have never attended a better seminar. Up to date and relevant for today’s new selling paradigm.

Richard Lenahan, President, Praxis

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