Why Use Sales Assessments?

How Recruiting Top Sales Performers Can Be Repeatable and Predictable

Corporations utilizing the APQ sales aptitude assessment have a supreme advantage over their competitors. These companies recognize the vital nature of hiring individuals with the aptitude to thrive in the roles they are given. This APQ assessment measures aptitude, which in turn determines which potential employees will make the most of the training they receive, will perform at expert levels, and will lead the company to success.

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Why Use a Sales Assessment?

Businesses may question why it is necessary to understand aptitude prior to hiring new employees. Simply put, excellent training is no substitute for ability. A person may be given all of the tools he or she needs to be successful, and may perform adequately, or even better than average, as a result. But those potential hires who already display an exceptional capacity for achievement and comprehension will be the leaders in their field.

Lowers Training Costs

Any business owner, Human Resources executive, or training specialist is well aware of the time and money that goes into training. Most companies have standard training practices, with either in-house training or specialized courses that were outsourced to training professionals.

The APQ questionnaire detects which potential or existing employees will benefit the most from training, as well as those that would benefit the least. This saves the company time by training only the best of the best and not having to re-train individuals who may not have the ability to absorb all of the data they need the first time through.

Sales Assessments Lower Turnover

The Sales Assessment not only discovers aptitude for training, but also compatibility and selling style. This helps the company to understand who the individual is before they are placed in a position. By knowing more about a potential employee’s personality, the company can best decide if they would be a good addition to the team. When personalities and styles mesh well, employees tend to be more satisfied in their positions. This leads to lower turnover, which then leads to less time and money spent on repeat interviews and training.

The Top Four Percent of Sales People Score High on Sales Assessments

Gallup and Harvard polls show 94 percent of goods and services in the United States are sold by the top four percent of salespeople. Having the tools necessary to determine which employees have the ability to be the best in their field can place a corporation in that top four percent.

The Bottom-line Power of Identifying Sales Aptitude

Simply put, positioning the right folks in the right seats on the bus is a MUST when building your sales team. Over 600 correlation studies show natural aptitude is the most significant factor in predicting sales success.

Consider the impact on sales of these three companies whose sales teams are made up of those with "natural sales talent":

Company A

70% Increase in sales over previous year

14 out of the Top 26 Sales People Tested HIGH for Sales Aptitude

Company B

30% Increase in sales over previous year

7 out of the Top 26 Sales People Tested HIGH for Sales Aptitude

Company C

4% Increase in sales over previous year

3 out of the Top 26 Sales People Tested HIGH for Sales Aptitude

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The day after your sales training...I put the new techniques you taught me into practice immediately and closed a $300K sale! I know it was a direct correlation to attending your training because some of the techniques were the opposite of what I would have naturally done in that situation with a new prospect. Thank you so much!

David McNeil, Distribution Rep, Kenseal Construction Products

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